Freight Class NMFC Codes Sporting Goods

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NMFTA does not allow access to this information openly. We offer this information to those who are enrolled on our site.

Freight classes and NMFC Codes:

Athletic or Sporting Goods, Basketball Nets; Boards, Boxes, Buckets, Cages, Canteens, Containers or Pails, live bait, Decoys, bird, Exercising or Gymnasium Apparatus or Equipment, Fishing Tackle, plastic or rubber, Floats, Rafts or Toys, Golf Mats or Platforms, Playground Apparatus, Sandboxes or Wading Pools, Snowboards or Snowboard Bindings, Swimming Fins, Goggles, Masks, Nose Clips or Snorkels, Weight Lifting Benches or Athletic Utility Benches

Always ask your carrier for proper NMFC codes prior to shipping, or call the manufacturer, distributor, or seller of the products being shipped. Chances are they have been asked that question before.

NMFC Codes: What Are They?

NMFC stands for National Motor Freight Classification, and it is the bible of the LTL (Less Than Truckload ) industry. NMFC codes – of which there are many – all break down into 18 classes. Class 50 is the lowest and 500 the highest, based on factors listed below.

Carriers base class on four shipment characteristics:

Density - Are you shipping a pallet of bricks, or a hot air balloon?

Stowability – How is your shipment being packed in the van? For example, is it on a pallet but the shipment has a pointy top so takes up more space than normal?

Handling – Is the freight palletized or are you shipping mattresses?

Liability – Are you shipping valuable electronic equipments, fine china, or 10 boxes of used sneakers?

Get it right the first time. If you guess wrong, you expose yourself to the rebilling department of the carriers …which is NEVER a good thing.

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